Products and Pricing

Standard Sizes

Our standard sizes of safe rooms are listed below. These can be installed inside your home, garages, workshops, or anywhere with a reinforced concrete slab.

3′ x 5′3 ft.5 ft.6 ft. 7 in.2 – 4
4′ x 4′4 ft.4 ft.6 ft. 7 in.2 – 4
4′ x 6′4 ft.6 ft.6 ft. 7 in.4 – 6
4′ x 8′4 ft.8 ft.6 ft. 7 in.6 – 10

Need Something Custom?

We can build to fit!  Since we manufacture our own products, Southern Safe Rooms can build custom sizes and even add custom features such as gun racks and fire proof insulation for use as a gun safe, or bullet-proofing for use as a panic room.

Contact us today to discuss details and set up a free measurement and estimate.

Every Southern Safe Room:

✔️ Is backed by an Engineer's Seal of Approval

✔️ Meets ADA standards for wheelchair accessibility with 32 inch door clearance.

✔️ Is secured to reinforced concrete slab using epoxy and HILTI anchoring system.

✔️ Features a peep hole installed within the door enabling safe room occupants to easily check the status of the storm without having to open the door.

✔️ Includes 3 ventilation panels within the safe room so there is ample supply of air.

✔️ Uses Grade 1 Medeco locks.

✔️Doors are on hinges so that in case of emergency, the hinge pin can be knocked out and the door can be removed. A hammer is included with each Southern Safe Room.

The Southern Safe Rooms Difference

Many other safe rooms on the market are held together by their welded corners or the corners are bolted together.

❌ A “safe room” that has its corners welded together is dependent on those welds holding in order to keep the strength of the box in-tact. If one of those corner welds breaks during a storm by debris, the whole strength and integrity of the Safe Room is compromised by that broken weld.

✔️ Southern Safe Rooms have no corner welds that can break, therefore the overall strength of the structure stays in-tact. The strength of our shelter is in the internal frame the safe room is built around.

❌ Bolt together “safe rooms” are dependent on every nut and bolt being tightened all the way and holding under extreme pressure. All it takes is for one bolt to break and the entire safe room is compromised.

✔️ Southern Safe Rooms have no nuts and bolts to tighten or that could break.