Why Southern Safe Rooms?

Southern Safe Rooms fabricates above ground reinforced steel certified storm shelters/safe rooms that are rated to withstand and EF5 tornado, which equals wind speeds of 250mph.


Installing a Southern Safe Room can ensure peace of mind that when a tornado or an intruder try to invade your home, your whole family will have a place to seek shelter.  Our safe rooms are designed to be installed in garages, workshops, or anywhere with a reinforced concrete slab.

Tulsa safe rooms to protect my family

What our customers say:


Our mission at Southern Safe Rooms is to provide quality well-built safe rooms and tornado shelters that exceed FEMA standards and are certified to withstand an EF5 tornado not to mention to provide a safe haven from intruders. All of our safe rooms and tornado shelters are fabricated in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the expertise of 110+ years of steel manufacturing at the most competitive prices on the market today. Our safe rooms or tornado shelters can also be used as a safe for valuables and guns.


Southern Safe Rooms can help you quickly seek shelter during the storm.

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