Quality Matters! 7 Secrets to Getting the Right Tornado Shelter

Tornado Season in Oklahoma

April showers might bring May flowers, but in Oklahoma, it’s not so simple. This time of year brings beauty and life. But it also brings dangerous severe weather. Thunderstorms and Tornadoes are a part of life here in Oklahoma.

And when it comes to severe weather, you have one primary concern. The safety of your family. At Southern Safe Rooms, we have dedicated ourselves to the safety and welfare of Oklahoma families. Because we know that the best way to stay safe in severe weather is in a custom-built, above-ground Southern Safe Room.

Quality Means Safety

You would never want to take chances with your family’s safety. You want to know that when you invest in a shelter, you’re getting the highest quality possible! Why? Because when it comes to tornado and storm shelters, quality means safety!

So how do you decide which shelter is best? You want to make the best choice for your family’s safety. And you need good information to make that choice. So here are seven secrets to getting the right storm shelter.

1. All storm shelters are NOT alike!

You want your family to be safe. So installing a storm shelter just makes sense. But you have options. The problem is that some of those options provide more safety than others.

2. You can know FEMA’s standards.

Has your shelter met FEMA’s P-320 and P-361 safety standards? These standards ensure that your shelter is designed and constructed with the structural integrity to withstand the worst of tornadoes, storms, and flying debris. All Southern Safe Rooms shelters meet or exceed these standards and are designed and built with your family’s safety in mind. Review FEMA’s P-320 and P-361 documents to learn more.

3. Your shelter door matters.

How likely are you to be trapped by debris in your shelter? If your shelter door opens to the outside, your risk of being trapped is much higher. If debris falls in front of the door, it may be difficult or even impossible to open the door from the inside.

However, we build all our shelters with inside-opening doors. This allows you to exit the shelter even if debris has fallen in front of the door. Make sure you and your family do not get trapped!

4. You can be trapped in an underground shelter.

Underground shelters were popular for years because they seem very safe. Now, studies have shown that above ground shelters that meet FEMA standards are just as safe as underground shelters. Underground shelters have doors that open to the outside. Most have doors that must be lifted to open. This means they are much more likely to trap those they are built to protect.

5. Many shelters are not accessible to handicapped individuals.

Many of us have family members to consider who need mobility assistance. But even if you don’t, what if a storm comes when Dad is in a wheelchair recovering from knee surgery? Or when an elderly or handicapped friend or family member is visiting?

We build all our tornado shelters and safe rooms with a minimum 32” wide door, which is ADA compliant. And we can custom fit any size to meet the specific needs of your family. Make sure you are prepared to protect your loved ones in any circumstance.

Tulsa Tornado Shelter

Southern Safe Rooms | Tulsa Tornado Shelter

6. Your shelter’s corners matter!

This is the one that is really a secret! But it shouldn’t be! Find out how your shelter’s corners are constructed. At Southern Safe Room we construct all our shelters with molded steel corners. Other shelters are made with bolted or welded corners. Falling debris and wind can often compromise these types of corners. Our molded corners increase the strength and stability of our shelters—and the safety of your family!

7. Peace of mind comes from knowing you’ve done all you can.

All of us in Oklahoma are all too aware of how dangerous tornadoes can be. In 2013, an EF5 ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 people, including 9 children. This only two years after a devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri killed 158. Our weather is unpredictable, and as Oklahomans, we have learned not to be afraid, but to be safe!

We know that we can’t prevent tornadoes. But we can do all we can. If the unthinkable happens, you want to know you can protect those you love. Choosing the right storm shelter is key! Don’t compromise when it comes to your family’s safety. You’ll sleep well knowing you have done all you can to keep them safe!

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