Tulsa Safe Room

Tulsa Safe Room


What resources are normally necessary for Tulsa safe room installation?

A Tulsa safe room usually is made up of steel panels and/or concrete. In general, made-to-order configurations feature reinforced concrete. Tulsa safe rooms need to also have doors or hatches that are fabricated of steel, steel-plated plywood, aluminum, or fiberglass, as well as ladders made from the same resources.


Are Tulsa Safe Rooms handicapped accessible?

Yes, we can make your Tulsa safe room handicapped accessible. An above-ground Tulsa safe room is a perfect option, particularly if you do not want to pay the fee of a ramp installation.


How much time does it usually take to set up a Tulsa safe room?

Setting up and installing a custom made Tulsa safe room will usually take about less than two hours. Keep in mind that getting your Tulsa safe room nay take longer during busy seasons, such as tornado and hurricane seasons.


How much space do I need within my Tulsa safe room?

FEMA endorses that you have at least six square feet of space for every person during a tornado and ten square feet for a hurricane. For instance, a 5 ft. by 6 ft. Tulsa safe room is appropriate for a family of five in a tornado-prone area. It is usually best to overvalue the amount of space you may need to ensure that your Tulsa safe room is large enough so you and your companions are comfy for lengthy periods of time, if needed.



In the case of a natural disaster, setting up a Tulsa safe room is well worth the investment. A  Tulsa safe room also aids as a safe place to stock cherished items and also offers a protected place to go in case of home invasion. It’s sensible to evaluate all of your disaster preparedness necessities and budget. We are here to assist you with that.


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