Tornado shelter Tulsa

Tornado shelter Tulsa

What to Do When Severe Weather Strikes

All members of the household need to be aware of how to enter the Tornado shelter Tulsa and any provisions they are supposed to bring. Homeowners ought to take refuge within the Tornado shelter Tulsa instantaneously In the event of a tornado or severe weather warning. All of these specifics are usually defined in an emergency readiness plan, which homeowners ought to post in a noticeably visible place in the house.


While some think that a Tornado shelter Tulsa is only used a fraction of the time many do not see the continual advantage of having a safe room to protect their valuables and family. Ranging from a pre-built tornado shelters to above ground custom built Southern Safe Rooms Tornado shelter Tulsa homeowners may choose from a range of storm shelter options. In the storm a Southern Safe Room tornado shelter will keep you and your family safe. You know we deal with numerous tornadoes or severe storms if you live in the Tulsa area. During severe weather owning a Southern Safe Rooms Tornado shelter Tulsa can offer an additional sense of safety. It could be a matter of life or death for you and your loved ones so installing a Southern Safe Rooms Tornado shelter Tulsa is an important decision.

Tornado shelter Tulsa

Tornado shelter Tulsa

In disaster readiness installing a Tornado shelter Tulsa is just the initial phase. Before they attack, homeowners should likewise make sure that they are prepared for storms, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Buying an emergency kit that holds all of the first aid basics, as well as an adequate stock of non-perishable food that can be stockpiled in the Tulsa storm shelter.

A weather radio is also a great investment when it helps you to stay informed on weather conditions and other important news.


We will assess the space where you would like your tornado shelter installed when contacting our team. A custom Southern Safe Rooms Tornado shelter Tulsa that is built based on the homeowners specifications. It is important to measure the space and make sure the surface is perfect for install. We can also make your Tornado shelter Tulsa custom to fit your space. Also known as a Tornado shelter Tulsa or a Tornado shelter Tulsa is usually installed in a garage or room inside a home or office building as an above ground unit.  The flexibility allows you to have the custom fit you need while these factors have an influence on the price of installing a new Tulsa storm shelter. After we have your safe room constructed our team will come out to do a full install. However, it could be constructed on a concrete foundation that is detached from the home.


Everyone should also be aware of what to do if caught outdoors when a tornado is threatening. Proceed indoors and execute the plan. The wind can damage your Tulsa roof and throw debris everywhere. By following the steps above and having a Tornado shelter Tulsa you can be confident that your family will be protected in severe weather. When severe weather moves through the Tulsa area you can know that you have a plan and the tornado shelter to provide safety to your loved ones.


Be set for the storm

A radio or cell phone can also be handy when a storm is passing through. Make sure you have flashlights, first aid, food and water. There are various items that can add comfort to children during the storm. Have a few of these in your tornado shelter so you don’t have to leave to try and find a comforting toy or stuffed animal. Have a whistle in your storm shelter to help alert emergency crews of your location after the storm.


Being Ready for a Tulsa Tornado

Equipping yourself and your family for the storm – Know your communities warning systems. Training everyone in your house how to proceed to the Southern Safe Rooms Tulsa storm shelter. Being prepared for a severe weather event consists of planning where you will go. Practicing the action plan to make sure everyone is safe. Ensure to have the proper Tulsa homeowners insurance to cover you and your home when a tornado strikes.


Have a strategy

The plan is easy when severe weather strikes you and your family proceeds to the tornado shelter for protection and safety when you own a Southern Safe Rooms Tulsa storm shelter.. Share you plan with your family so they know how to proceed in severe weather.

For some the first part of the plan is making an investment in your family by purchasing a Southern Safe Rooms Tulsa storm shelter. Find the quickest route in your home to your tornado shelter.


Drill your plan

It is not enough to have a plan in place without practice. Have everyone walk through the plan and make sure they know how to proceed in case of a tornado. You can coach the family and keep them safe in the tornado. When you practice it helps you and your family feel confident about executing the tornado plan. When everyone works together it makes the process easier and saves critical time. Take the time to plan and take the time to practice.


Knowing the warning systems in your city is crucial

it is important to watch tv or listen to the radio for updates If you live in a rural area. Each community has a tornado warning system. When you know what the warning signals are it will help you get to your Southern Safe Rooms Tornado shelter Tulsa in a timely manner.


Communicate with your family

Let them know where to go and what to do. Have a tornado action plan to assure that your family stays safe. Explain the warning signals. Teach everyone what to do when a storm approaches.  Train them to know how to proceed when severe weather is close by. Proper training could be the difference in knowing what to do.


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