Tornado shelter Tulsa SSR

Tornado shelter tulsa

Do you live in Tulsa? Do you have a safe place to go during a storm? Do you have a place to hide from tornadoes? Do you have a tornado shelter tulsa? Are you in need of a tornado shelter tulsa? Do you have a above ground tornado shelter tulsa?

Southern safe rooms tornado shelter Tulsa. Southern safe rooms fabricate above ground reinforced steel certified tornado shelter tulsa, safe rooms, that are rated to withstand an F5 tornado, which equals when speeds of 250 mph.

What tornado shelter Tulsa can do for you.

Installing a southern safe can ensure peace of mind that when a tornado or an intruder tries to invade your home, your whole family will have a place to seek shelter. Southern safe rooms’ tornado shelter tulsa are designed to be installed in garages, workshops, or anywhere with a reinforced concrete slab.

What is a tornado shelter Tulsa.

A safe room can provide life-saving protection during a destructive storm, especially for those without basements. After at the recent outbreak of tornadoes and severe storms, safe rooms have been increasing in popularity. The federal emergency management agency (FEMA) defines a safe room as “a structure that will provide near absolute protection from severe storms.”

Five reasons to install a tornado shelter Tulsa.tornado shelter tulsa

A storm shelter will increase the value of your home.

Many people complained that storm shutters cost an arm and a leg. The initial cost might seem outrageous, there is evidence that has come to surface that storm shelters actually can be cost effective. tornado shelter Tulsa have the ability to create a benefit in cost analysis by adding value to your home. Oklahoma real estate agents estimate a tornado shelter Tulsa could increase your homes value between $1000 and $2000.

Your home maybe sub septa bull to devastating wind patterns.

Tornadoes generate wind that can damage most homes they meet. Tornadoes of all sizes and or magnitude have the potential to seriously damage homes and harm your family. Having a tornado shelter Tulsa a can withstand these winds May save your family.

Easier to install the one would imagine.

All it takes to install a tornado shelter Tulsa is access to a reinforced concrete slab. Safe rooms southern safe rooms brings in your tornado shelter Tulsa, unloads it, moves it to your desired location, and secures it to the ground.

Storm shelters are not confined to only being constructed underground.

Contrary to popular belief, storm shelters can’t be above ground and are just as useful. Joseph Dannemiller has constructed 15 years worth of research at Texas Tech University’s national wind institute to demonstrate the safety of above ground storm shelters.

Storm shelters actually work.

There is been many occasions of which everything to do with the home has been completely obliterated by the wind and the storm around a tornado. In those occasions the only thing left standing were at the tornado shelter Tulsa.

Rates of tornadoes for tornado shelter Tulsa.

Research has shown that the state of Oklahoma receives an average of 52 tornadoes per year. Oklahoma is located in the center of what is called the “tornado alley.” these tornadoes often occur during the late spring and early summer months, especially in the month of May and June. in 2016 the top 10 states of tornadoes from 1991 to 2015 was released. Oklahoma came in at three of the 10 states. This is why you need your tornado shelter Tulsa.

Mission for tornado shelter Tulsa.

Our mission at southern safe rooms is to provide quality well-built safe rooms and tornado shelter Tulsa that exceed FDMA standards and are certified to withstand an F5 tornado. Not to mention to provide a safe haven from all intruders. Oliver safe rooms and tornado shelter Tulsa or fabricated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the expertise of 100+ years of steel manufacturing at the most competitive prices on the market today. Are safe rooms or tornado shelter Tulsa can also be used as a safe for valuables. Southern safe rooms can help you quickly seek shelter during the storm.

How long does it take to set up a tornado shelter Tulsa.

Set up and installation is custom for every tornado shelter Tulsa. This usually takes less than two hours. However, keep in mind that getting your tornado shelter Tulsa may take longer during busy season, like the tornado season.

How much space is required for a tornado shelter Tulsa.

FEMA endorses that they be at least 6 ft.¬≤ of space for every person during a tornado. For example, a 5′ x 6′ tornado shelter Tulsa is appropriate for a family of five in a tornado prone area. It’s best to overvalue the amount of space needed to ensure that your tornado shelter Tulsa is large enough for you and your family to comfortably stay for any period of time.

Accessibility of tornado shelter Tulsa.

Tornado shelter Tulsa or handicap accessible. They are above ground safe rooms which is the perfect option for anyone who is handicapped. Particularly if you don’t want to pay for a ramp installation.

Tornado shelter Tulsa or fabricated in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Southern sheet metal Works, Inc., Southern safe rooms parent company. Southern sheet-metal works, Inc. Was established in 1904 and is currently in its fourth generation of family ownership. Having 110+ years with metal fabrication along with them. One of the best metal fabricators equates to an industry standard for Tulsa safe rooms and tornado shelter Tulsa.

If you want to learn more about tornado shelter Tulsa and southern safe rooms, visit their website and read up about all their products and pricing, say from pricing, storm shelter a one on one, financing in rebates, blog post, about, and their contact.

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