Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter

Over a century of know-how with the topmost fabricators equates to A BUSINESS STANDARD.

Southern Safe Rooms was formed to achieve a vital need for superb sturdy safe rooms and storm shelters in the Broken Arrow area. The President of Southern Safe Rooms, Michael Tidwell, is a life-long resident of the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area and a third generation metal fabrication business man. He has seen the desolation himself that tornadoes can carry after the EF5 tornado that tore its way through Northeast Oklahoma and Joplin, Missouri.  Mr. Tidwell was moved and stirred to start developing Broken Arrow storm shelters to safeguard people from these dreadful storms.

Southern Safe Rooms are created downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by Southern Sheet Metal Works, Inc.. Southern Sheet Metal Works, Inc. is the parent company of Southern Safe Rooms. Southern Sheet Metal Works, Inc. was founded in 1904 and is at the moment in its fourth generation of family ownership. Southern Safe Rooms has  over one-hundred and ten years’ know-how in metal fabrication alongside employing the finest metal fabricators equates to An Industry Standard for Broken Arrow safe rooms and Broken Arrow storm shelters.

Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter

You know we deal with numerous tornadoes or severe storms if you live in the Tulsa area. During severe weather owning a Southern Safe Rooms Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter can offer an additional sense of safety. It could be a matter of life or death for you and your loved ones so installing a Southern Safe Rooms Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter is an important decision. Ranging from a pre-built tornado shelters to above ground custom built Southern Safe Rooms Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter homeowners may choose from a range of storm shelter options. In the storm a Southern Safe Room tornado shelter will keep you and your family safe. While some think that a Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter is only used a fraction of the time many do not see the continual advantage of having a safe room to protect their valuables and family.

Also known as a Tulsa safe room or a Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter is usually installed in a garage or room inside a home or office building as an above ground unit. We can also make your Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter custom to fit your space. However, it could be constructed on a concrete foundation that is detached from the home. A custom Southern Safe rooms Broken Arrow Tornado Shelter that is built based on the homeowners specifications. The flexibility allows you to have the custom fit you need while these factors have an influence on the price of installing a new Tulsa tornado shelter. We will assess the space where you would like your tornado shelter installed when contacting our team.  After we have your safe room constructed our team will come out to do a full install. It is important to measure the space and make sure the surface is perfect for install.

If you are looking for a storm shelter in the Broken Arrow area, contact us today for a tailorebroken arrow tornado shelterd quote to fit your space. We fashion above ground Broken Arrow storm shelters and Broken Arrow safe rooms. We want you and your family kept safe and sheltered during a tornado. Southern Safe Rooms is here to assist you. Call us to get a quote for your Broken Arrow tornado shelter.

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